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AEDV was founded by volunteers who gave their time and efforts to establish programs and services to aid victims of domestic and sexual violence. Volunteers remain the core of the crisis intervention services and are instrumental in developing and producing fundraising events.​

  Crisis Call Line  

Our domestic violence Crisis Call Line is operated after normal business hours by volunteers who receive over 55 hours of specialized crisis intervention training. All domestic violence volunteers are on call at least one shift a week. The shifts are 6:00pm-6:00am during the weeknights. There are two shifts for the weekends, 6:00am-6:00pm and 6:00pm -6:00am. All of our crisis calls are routed to volunteers' phones via an answering service, which allows volunteers to be on-call in the convenience of their own home.

Sexual Assault Response Advocates (S.A.R.A.) ​
Volunteer Training

Our sexual assault Crisis Call Line is operated after normal business hours by volunteers who receive over 75 hours of specialized crisis intervention training. All of our sexual assault volunteers are on call one shift a month. The shifts begin on Friday night and continue through the following Thursday night. The shifts are from 6:00pm-6:00am during the weeknights and 24 hours on the weekends. The SARA team responds to crisis calls by accompanying our clients to the hospital and police station. All of our crisis calls are routed to volunteers’ phones via an answering service.



Domestic Violence/SARA Volunteer Training  


The following is a brief outline of the training topics:

     * Define an Advocate's Role and Responsibilities

     * Crisis Intervention

     * Nevada's Laws

     * Victims of Crime Act

     * Victim’s Rights and Privacy


     * Vicarious Trauma and Self-care


Training is held in the evenings and on weekends. Volunteers must be 18 years of age and be able to successfully complete a criminal background check. The training covers the foundational topics of domestic violence/sexual assault advocacy in supporting survivors. Volunteers learn how to provide survivor-centered, trauma-informed responses and the skills to advocate for survivors. Volunteers must complete the training to become a certified AEDV volunteer. 

Court Advocates

Located in the Carson City Courthouse, trained advocates assist with completing protection and stalking order applications, attend court hearings and provide information regarding the legal process, safety planning and community resources. 

Special Events and Outreach

Our volunteers help staff information booths, distribute handouts and speak on behalf of the agency at community events, fairs and gatherings.

Volunteer Applications

Please click HERE to print a copy of the Volunteer Application.

Please click HERE to print a copy of the Classy Seconds Volunteer Application.

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