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The shelter has been designed to be a comfortable, home-like environment where individuals and families can heal while they develop the skills and secure the resources they need to move from the protection of the program back to a home of their own without violence. 


The rotating photos provide a glimpse into the different units in the apartment style shelter. The shelter doesn’t just provide a bed, it is a program with expectations, guidelines and supervision. If remaining in their own home or staying with family or friends is not a safe choice, then the emergency shelter may be an option. 


The first step to exploring the option of the emergency shelter is to contact AEDV’s 24/7 crisis line and speak with an Advocate. The Advocate will conduct an assessment to aid in determining if shelter is an appropriate resource. AEDV provides a low-barrier approach to accessing the shelter. If shelter is not a safe option, the Advocate will provide other resources.


Upon admission to the program, the Client Resource Coordinator conducts an intact and working with the on-site shelter manager, arranges for needed food, consumable and clothing items. Families are provided their own room while individuals may share a bedroom.    


AEDV shelter program can range from one night of emergency stay to five months. During that time, the program works individually with clients to assist in setting short- and long-term goals structured to secure training, education, employment, community resources, childcare, transportation and housing. 


AEDV is a client-centered agency that respects and honors each individual’s path and encourages them to use their strengths in attaining personal empowerment.



Unit 1 Kitchen (stove) (2)
Unit 2 Kitchen (stove)
Unit 3 Kitchen (sink) (2)
Unit 1 LivingRoom (tv)
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