Advocates to End Domestic Violence is a private 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Incorporated in 1981, AEDV has been providing 24-hour-a-day unparalleled services to Carson City and surrounding communities since that time.


In 1979, a group of concerned citizens came together to discuss the issues of domestic violence in Carson City and discovered that NO services were available for victims. The lack of crisis intervention, emergency shelter and support programs were preventing victims from accessing critically-needed options as opposed to remaining in abusive relationships. From that meeting grew the network of volunteers that established Advocates to End Domestic Violence and provided the foundation for the intervention and support services provided today.




Our mission is to advocate for and empower those impacted by domestic and sexual violence by providing crisis intervention, shelter, supportive and preventive programs while increasing public awareness to break the pattern of violence.



Our Values

     * Commitment to the mission and working toward breaking patterns of abuse

     * Respect for each person's role, diversity and viewpoints

     * Integrity in relationships, practices and decisions

     * Compassion in understanding, attitude and action

     * Empowerment to create positive choices, recognize potential and reach goals


Since we began providing shelter in 1983, AEDV has:



Provided 180,263 nights of shelter...




To 5,548 survivors and their children...




With 540,792 meals.

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24-Hour Crisis Hotline: (775) 883-7654

Office Hours:
7:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday
Advocates to End Domestic Violence
PO Box  2529
Carson City, NV 89702
Phone: (775) 883-7654
Fax: (775) 883-0364
Advocates to End Domestic Violence is committed to protecting the clients' privacy and understands the importance of safeguarding personal health information. We are required by federal law to maintain the privacy of personal, health and mental health information that identifies the client or that could be used to identify client (known as “Protected Health Information”). We provide a written copy of this privacy notice to any individual who asks. 

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